Friday, August 15, 2008

Girl Power

According to the men in my family, I am a bit of a feminist. I tend to disagree. I think that word is a little strong and has a negative connotation. I just don't want to be told I can't do something because I'm a girl. Nothing wrong with that, right? But at the same time, I'm a total girly girl. I love sparkly pinks and florals. I like things that are pretty.

So you can imagine after having two boys, I was uber excited when they told me we were having a baby girl. I think even uber excited is an understatement. I sat upright on the examination table, smearing that gooey, gross gel stuff all over my glittery black maternity top and said "Are you sure? How sure? I mean, I need percentages here, people!" And for the next several weeks I became that annoying woman who, after anyone asked "How are you today?" would respond with an insanely perky "Terrific! I'm having a girl!" Oh no, it didn't matter if I knew the person who was asking or not. It didn't even matter if they really cared how I was today. If they asked, that sentence exploded out of my mouth like projectile vomit.

Now please, don't go rolling your eyes. I would have been happy with another boy. As a matter of fact, I expected another boy. Here's why. Uberman has one female cousin. ONE girl out of 7 kids in his extended family. Then along came our two boys. Next, my brother in law and sister in law had a boy. So it was not looking too likely we would have a girl. I was pretty sure the men in this family only made boys. But our Boo was the first girl in this family in over thirty years. There have been two more boys born since.

Now I tell y'all this so you can get a feel for what I am about to tell you. (Relax, I am not pregnant.) My daughter brings up all these conflicting feelings inside me. The girly girl within me was so excited to finally have pink stuff in the house. Bring it on, baby. Little floral t-shirts and Barbies and baby dolls and Disney Princesses. Oh yeah! Bring. It. And I was a little concerned she would be a tomboy because she was surrounded by two brothers and three boy cousins.

On the other hand, the feminist side of me was worried she would be one of those helpless little girls who whined and batted her eyelashes and got everybody to do everything for her. Oh how I loathe those girls. So I would tell her all the time "You can do it, you're a big girl." I compliment her on being smart just as much as I compliment her on being cute. I make her figure things out on her own, often reminding her brothers it is not their place to help her all the time. And when she says "Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a nurse." I say "Good for you, Boo. You can even be a doctor." Or a lawyer. Or a business executive. You get the idea.

So yesterday, as we were crossing the parking lot at Target, she asked "Mommy, know what I want to be when I grow up?" And I waited with anticipation for her to run through her usual list of ballerina, Olympic swimmer, and my favorite, a mommy.... But no, not this time. Instead I heard . . .

"A Jedi!"

Can you see why I'm a little conflicted? My inner girly girl was appalled, as Jedi's are rough and tough and have no sense of fashion. Yeah, I get it that brown is the new black, but that hooded robe made of burlap is not flattering on anyone. But I digress. The feminist me wanted to high five her and say "You would kick ass as a Jedi Boo! The force is definitely with you."

Sigh. What's a mom to do?

Then, this morning, I found a little reassurance. I felt completely at peace and positive I was raising a girl just like me. A girl who can be strong, yet feminine. A girly feminist if you will. What gives me this reassurance? Behold, my friends. I give you Boo's version of playing with GI Joes:

Can you see it? Look closer....

Apparently these military men needed a break from a hard day fighting the Cobra Commander, so they stopped to enjoy some delicious cakes and a refreshing pot of tea. And try on their wives clothes and shoes. Whatever. I'm not judging. Although that lavender bag does look hideous with that pink chiffon skirt. But this gives a whole new meaning to don't ask, don't tell, eh?
So, like mother, like daughter. I am just not sure this world is ready for two of us.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww... that is hilarious! I love it!

for a different kind of girl said...

Love it! Hilarious! Sometimes a man just wants to sit around with his guy pals and gossip!

Chris H said...

OH YES! She's a girl alright! Love the accessories for the GI Joes!!!

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

It looks like you're not the only one with an inner conflict, huh? Those poor commandos didn't see it comin'...

Becky said...

This post reminds me of a post by Chandy not that long ago. Funny...I think she even said some of the exact same things. :)

And I can never read the word commando without thinking about Joey from friends. The image is burned on my brain.

Can I just sympathize a little, but ask for prayer at the same time...worse than Boo and the soldiers in pink tutu's is my 10 year old son dressed in drag and parading through our house in front of company...apparently he likes to wear his sisters clothing...and does it every time we have friends over.

Help? Freud? Anyone? What does this mean?

The Maid

Trisha said...

What a fun thing! I think your little girl can be a girly girl and still be a strong woman!

April said...

Becky- You are right, one paragraph in this post is similar to Chandy's post on the princessification of little girls. Now I am all worried it looks like I am plagiarizing. If anyone wants to read Chandy's wonderful post, they can do so here:

chandy said...

April, I think our girls would be great friends. They seem to have quite a lot in common! Maybe she could be the one to knock some fashion sense into the Jedis.

And Becky, my son likes to wear Elliot's high heels. Should I be worried?

Cute new blog layout!

Becky said...

Dahling...I wasn't suggesting plagiarism...simply telling you that you were not alone! ;)

I am not sure that the high heels is the problem, but if he starts painting his toenails to match...or looking for the perfect bag to go with them...we might have cause for group therapy. Call me and maybe we can get a cheaper rate! :)

Love you both!

Trisha said...


Did I mention that I like the new look for your blog? Very feminine while being sophiscticated!

April said...

Thank you Trisha! I like it too. I needed something new and less pink. It turned out nice. :)

DevilsHeaven said...

That cracks me up! I love the yellow heels!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Nothing like encouraging your daughter to embrace cross-dressing! ;-)

That and if you poke her in the eye from time to time, that will keep her extra tough.

aschmoel said...

Yes, it is FINALLY a comment from your biggest blog fan ever...let's not mention that I am a slacker in the comment department mmm-kay.

I actually spit my water out when I read this post! Your sense of humor is second to none. I want to turn on the TV and see you on Last Comic Standing. Come on faithful queen bloggers, I know you agree.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I cannot wait for my baby girls big princessification.

You are amazing my friend and I am so happy to be back to your wonderful blog world.

Working on my Face Book page...i promise!

Love ya,