Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Monkeys

I love being a mom. It sounds so cliche, but being a mom really is the greatest thing ever.

I love everything about being a mom. I loved the planning that went into becoming a mom. I loved buying the pregnancy tests, taking the tests, not believing the results of the tests hence taking more tests (possibly even in a Taco Bell rest room). I loved reading the pregnancy books, going to the doctor and peeing in the little cup, throwing up due to morning sickness and discussing the condition of my cervix with total strangers.

I loved having a baby in the house. I loved getting up in the middle of the night to feed and comfort the baby, I loved my sore nipples and my dark circles from lack of sleep. I loved the cooing, the crying, the spitting up and occasionally getting peed on. I loved that there were baby toys scattered all over my house, Disney movies in my DVD player, and Sesame Street's Greatest Hits playing in the car.

I loved that it took me two hours to get out of the house everyday only to realize I had forgotten the diaper bag. I loved that I never had room for groceries due to the car seats and strollers taking up trunk space. I loved that I was constantly finding crushed up fish crackers in my purse and hot wheel cars in my shoes.

I love watching my babies grow. I love seeing their sweet faces as they sleep, their long eyelashes stretching out over their flushed cheeks. I love driving them all over the place to get them to baseball practice, play dates and birthday parties. I love hearing them tell me the best part of their day.

I love watching my oldest turn into a little man. I love listening to him cheer and yell for his favorite baseball players (by the way A-Rod, thanks for the past few weeks and all the questions I have had to answer regarding cheating, kabalah, and why anyone would leave that pretty lady for that old lady. You suck.), I love watching in awe as he curls up in the corner of the chair in the family room with the latest issue of Kiplingers or Motor Trend. I love that he asks if he can get on the computer to check CNBC and that he TiVo's Jim Cramer. I love that he is smart, sensitive and that he writes beautiful and imaginative stories. I love that he prays and asks questions about God and knows what it means to be a good person.

I love watching my middle child as he is marvelled by the world around him. I love that he says "No, thank you." when I ask him to take out the trash. I love that his laugh is infectious and he thinks a fart is the most hilarious thing ever. I love that he loves animals and feels sad when he sees a lost pet sign on the mailbox. I love that he craves spicy foods and eats salami sandwiches with pepper jack cheese and jalapenos. I love that he reads to his sister and helps his cousin build Lego ships. I love that he is kind and considerate of others. I love that the first thing he does in the morning is give me a hug.

I love having a little girl. I love that she likes to go shopping and wear jewelry, but she has no problems keeping up with her brothers and boy cousins. I love that she knows what she likes and what she wants. I love listening to her sing and watching her dance. I love that she is a girly girl, yet she will play with cars and action figures. I love reading her Fancy Nancy books to her and playing her made up color game. I love that she says "Oooh la la!" when she sees something she likes and "No la la." when she sees something she doesn't. I love that she is meticulous about her toys and where things go in her room and it drives her crazy if the pillows on her bed are turned the wrong way. I love feeling her tiny little hand in mine as we walk together.

I love that all three of them try telling me the same story at the same time. I love that they can never agree where we should eat lunch or what movie we should rent or what game they should play on the Wii. I love that all three of them have a different favorite ice cream flavor and different favorite cereals. I love that all three of them came from the same place, but are totally different.

With all that said.... I love that the summer is coming to an end and school is starting in three weeks. BECAUSE THEY ARE DRIVING ME (AND EACH OTHER) LOONY!


Jessie said...

You had me until the cervical mucus discussion.

Actually, what a beautiful tribute. Can I be adopted? And no, that is not a comment about your age...

Chris H said...

Yeah, yeah, I love all my friggin 8 like dat too... and I too am loking forward to the end of the school holidays! I have been a Mum for 29 years, 7 months and I AM OVER IT. Someone save me....

for a different kind of girl said...

This was lovely, lovely, lovely, and very, very, very true!

This is one of the best summers the boys and I have had all together (there's something to be said for deciding to be less stressed about things!), but suddenly today, it hit me that there's only a month left, and while I'm going to miss them when they head back to class, I'm going to celebrate a little bit that first morning (or week)!

Becky said...

Yes sir ee bob...

I concur.

I love each and every one of my squealing estrogen monkeys, and I will love them even more when they toddle off to school to get smarter than me.

Absence makes the heart...well, you know.

I think it was noon on the first day of summer break (they got out of school at 10:30 am that day) before they began FIGHTING.

Ahhh, yes, the summer is coming to a beautiful and quiet close!


Meet me at Starbucks????

The Maid

Anonymous said...

Awwwww... I loved that April!

I cannot wait for school to start either. That is because high school sports are insane and it is so much easier when the practices are after school and you just pick the kid up later. I am having to take him up to school in the mornings for two hours (and sit in a coffee shop down the street) and then back up in the afternoons. His school is 13 miles from our house... no, don't even mention it... we are not going to talk about gas... I can't take it okay? Let's just say I won't be getting any new little baubles anytime soon. I cannot wait for him to get his license... but that won't be until next summer.

DevilsHeaven said...

I'm not a mom, but I do remember what my mom would say to us when we would whine about being bored during the summer, "Go Clean Your Room."
uh, which we never did because then she'd kick us out of the house.

Katie said...

I think it's so great of you to see your kids in that light, despite the fact that some of those things DO drive parents crazy!

You are the tribute queen. (no pun intended!) It makes me want to be more sentimental.

chandy said...

I think our daughters would totally get along. We like Fancy Nancy too, and she loves to say 'Ooh la la' and 'stupendous' and all of the other fancy words. I love those books!

Rick said...

Funny post. Take a pregnancy test in the "Taco Bell restroom"? I've heard of people becoming a mommy in places like that, but never testing for one.

Lisa J said...

Hey, I see you totally scored a dot on your map over in IRELAND!!! Who's so good to you, baby?

Caitlin said...

I can't believe your kids are going back to school in three weeks! When you were a kid, wasn't hearing all the ads for back-to-school stuff the WORST?

Also? I am going to start saying "No la la". Because that is PERFECTION.

Your kids sound awesome, and this post was great. Even if it did terrify me a little more at the thought of maybe becoming a parent someday. ;)

jany said...

one of THE most well-written posts I've read in a long time... and I LOVE the twist at the end!!! please tell me you've converted this into a scrapbook page :) what a great layout for the books :)