Monday, July 7, 2008

I Am So Hot

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "Wow. Someone's feeling uber-confident today." But no. Sadly, I mean I am HOT.

Our upstairs air conditioner went out. Saturday.

I just heard all of my AZ readers utter a collective gasp. Yes. Thank you for your sympathy. I am sitting here sweating it out in the office (which is upstairs) while I wait for the AC Repairman. Who is late. Typical.

So everyone cross your fingers, legs and toes and pray (Roland you can skip that part) that the damage to my bank account will not be too significant. The house is only two years old so it is still under warranty. The unit that is. The labor, however, is not.

And I am almost positive the guy giggled when he told me this. He claims he was just clearing his throat but I am pretty sure it was a stifled giggle. Followed by a low whisper of "Sucker!" And then a fist pound to his imaginary girlfriend. Just for that I will not offer him any of my delicious ice cold raspberry lemonade while he is out there sweating over my AC unit - in direct sunlight. That will show him. Creep. Creep who is tardy.
I took my friend Katie's lead and went 48 hours with no computer this weekend. And I didn't die. Or even get the shakes. It was nice. So what kind of effed up karma is this that the air goes out? Whatever, I'm over it.
Anyhoozers, we had a lovely long weekend. And as I drove to work this morning, I had that feeling in my chest. That feeling of having laughed a lot. Do you know that feeling? It's wonderful. It's a feeling of joy and appreciation for good food, family and good friends. So I didn't mind so much that the air had gone out. And that the weekend was over. And that it was a hundred and fifty degrees with a million percent humidity (totally not exaggerating). Because I felt I had a lot to be thankful for.
And then I looked in the mirror.
And my hair, which is supposed to look like a darker, slightly longer version of this:

.... instead looked like this:

All right Karma. You have officially gone too far. Don't mess with the hair. I honestly don't know what is worse. Going on three days with no upstairs air? Or walking around looking like this guy? At least the lack of air gives me a "glow."
Seriously, slap a cotton-poly blend denim colored jacket on me and Tommy Lee Jones is gonna come knocking.
Life is so freakin' unfair.


Caitlin said...

Oh April, you slay me.
(BTW, 'you slay me' is my new favorite phrase. Sort of like saying 'codswallop' and 'al-you-min-ee-um").
I love that you accuse him of being tardy (TARDY) and punish him by not offering him delish ice cold raspberry lemonade.

I also applaud your strength of character in being able to stay away from the computer for so long. I would like to try this some time for myself.

Trisha said...

Hope your AC is back up and running and that your bank account isn't in the intensive care!

Katie said...

You didn't tell me you took the weekend off!!! You go girl...pride is welling up inside...

And I thought your hair looked super cute tonight. Not serial killer-like at ALL.

But what is up with that picture of Victoria? It looks like she's smuggling bowling balls across the parking lot in that shirt!!! (and wearing sunglasses at night...whatever)

Me_Again said...

"...a fist pound to his imaginary girlfriend."
Your imagery is perfect. Thank you for the laugh. Oh don't get the wrong idea, I'm not laughing at your hot ass, I'm laughing with your hot ass =0)
And you should be cool by now!?!

Kristi said...

Pretty sure all the A/C units are on some kind of strike. Ours went out too, and those damn repair dudes are a little too smug for my liking! I always hawk over them while they're working just to throw them off their game. Either it makes them really nervous and irritable (thus enacting my revenge for the VISA rape that is soon to occur) or they bond with me and give me some kind of half-assed deal. It's a win-win (uh, except for having to actually go outside and try to make conversation whilst hawking.)

Glad your house is back to conditions resembling the refridgerated area in Costco - some days I'd like to live in there.

DevilsHeaven said...

I think you should deny him the lemondae while you stand over him, sipping it.
And I see the pink now,apparently my computer has color issues.

for a different kind of girl said...

I think I took the weekend off the internet purely because I was a guest in Dialupville, so it was just easier. Still shaky, but easier!

Hope the AC is working now, and didn't wipe out the bank. When it's 90 degrees at 9 a.m., I do a tribal dance around my AC unit, praying it won't die on me.

Anonymous said...

He He He!!! You are too funny!

Lisa J said...

Okay, that 2nd photo just cracked me up because it totally caught me off-guard and wasn't at all the photo I was expecting.

Thanks for the laugh! I'm glad you got it fixed!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Love the hair pics!

Chris H said...

I feel for you, NO, REALLY I do! and if I try really hard I'm sure I can even squeeze out a tear..... nah, maybe later. lol

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you in hair hell... and mine really does look like that guy's, too-- not EVEN kidding.

May coolness be with you tonight.