Friday, June 27, 2008

It's All About Me

It's Friday night. Which a long time ago meant dancing and 2 for 1 Sunburns with Raia. Or it mean hot dates consisting of dinner and a movie with Uberman. Tonight, it's me home with the kids, avoiding the Dirty Little Secret while Uberman is at a happy hour in his honor.

So I am sitting in the office, which is like a sauna due to the huge west facing arcadia door, the 106 degree temperature outside and my cheap ass not wanting to turn the air conditioning down yet. Hello?? It's not 9:00 PM! I can sweat it out two more hours. Literally.

So I was blog browsing. Linking from one to the next to the next. Which is more addictive than peanut butter M&M's or Sudoku. Anyway, I found this meme at Skrinkering Hearts (in a round about way) and I thought it looked pretty cool. So I am gonna do it. But you don't have to. But if you want to, feel free. And let me know because I would like to read yours. Okie dokie?

I know, I know! Two memes in one week. I've been busy people! There's a lot going on in the kingdom. So just quit your whining and start reading. Got it?

Ok. Here goes.

I Am.... Anxious, exhausted, hot (in a temperature way), tired of living in AZ, loud, intuitive, overly critical of myself, a worrier, compassionate, not sure who I am voting for, happy, thankful for my amazing family, fiercely loyal, persistent, persuasive, usually in a good mood (stop laughing Uberman), adventurous, co-dependent, completely frustrated with my lack of organization.

I Want.... A house full of laughter, a pool, more time in the day, more money in the bank, more stamps in my passport, perky boobies, happy kids, a new kitchen table, more patience, a clean house, more energy.

I Have.... the best friends!! The most wonderful family, the cutest nephews, the sweetest kids, a very good life, the most patient and understanding husband, stamps in my passport, a beautiful home, a big booty, high expectations, no patience for stupid people.

I Wish.... I knew the future, cookies had no calories, I didn't have to worry about my electric bill, I were one of those OCD homemakers like Bree on Desperate Housewives, I had the desire to work out, I had thinner thighs.

I Hate.... When my gas light dings, when I do something stupid, confrontation, asking for help, my eyebrows (too arched), sitting in traffic, people who are mean, rap music, a dirty microwave, snootiness, the smell of peas, when my skin feels dry, the neighbors' cat pooping in my yard, folding laundry, lies and/or deceit, condescension, bad manners.

I Fear.... Snakes and reptiles, failure, disappointing people, the economy, screwing up my kids, small confined spaces, not having control, not being good enough.

I Hear.... My incredibly loud children playing and laughing together, the sound of me sighing because I know I am putting off the inevitable (the DLS), the neighbors splashing in their pool, the sound of my air conditioner running, the sound of money flying out the window, coconut cake in the freezer calling my name, my phone vibrating with a text from Uberman - He is having a good time and coming home soon.

I Search.... For flight deals to Italy, for new songs to download, for my leopard print flip flops, for Boo's hair bows, for the best salad in the world, for the perfect eyeshadow, for the good in everyone, for the positive side of the situation, for the perfect gift for my mother in law, for the warm spot in the bed after Uberman gets up, for the cheapest price on cases of diet coke/pepsi.

I Wonder.... What my kids will be like when they grow up, why I am finding it so hard to stick with WW lately, why the world is so fascinated with Spencer and Heidi, if my job is secure, if I will ever feel like a grown up.

I Regret.... Not finishing college, certain financial decisions we made, not being prepared, not standing up for myself, being mean to a certain girl in high school (even though she kind of deserved it), many, many, many things I have said out loud.

I Love.... My adorable Uberman, my sweet little babies, my awesome family and friends, planning parties, going on vacations, the month of December, watching movies, my Tiffany balls, curling up with a good book on a rainy day, baking, the feeling of accomplishment, the smell of a clean house, shopping, celebrity gossip, reading blogs, crafty projects, a good deal, my Toy Watch, lower numbers on the scale, crossing things off my To Do list.

I Ache.... When my babies get their feelings hurt by other kids, after a day spent doing yard work, when someone I love is hurting.

I Always.... Wash my face before going to bed, use moisturizer, have laundry to fold, say Thank You, double check the doors to make sure they're locked, feel terrible when I know I have said something I shouldn't, forget something when I leave the house, wear jewelry.

I Usually.... Trust my instincts, like to make up my own opinion about things, make my bed, check email first thing in the morning, pay my bills the day they are due, am running late, admit when I am wrong, eat breakfast, don't watch the news, worry, have painted toe nails.

I Am Not.... Good at math, ready for my ten year old to go through puberty, afraid of speaking in public, a person who gives up easily, the person who will tell you what you want to hear instead of the truth.

I Dance.... When I get good news, in the car when I am driving down the freeway, with Boo when she watches Annie, with Uberman in the kitchen.

I Sing.... BADLY, in the car, the Backyardigans theme song, the Mickey Mouse Club House song, commercial jingles.

I Never.... Watch Dancing with the Stars, eat cold pizza, drink out of a can without a straw, know what to say in an uncomfortable situation.

I Rarely.... Eat vegetables that are not in a salad, leave the house without forgetting something, finish everything on my To Do list in one day, start Christmas shopping before the day after Thanksgiving, eat something different at a restaurant (I'm a creature of habit), drink beer.

I Cry.... At weddings, when I am angry, when I let someone down, when I am super happy, when I hurt someone's feelings, when I hear or read something sad involving a child or animal, during sappy movies.

I Am Not Always.... Tactful, patient, ready for company, bubbly, understanding.

I Lose.... Keys, track of time when I'm shopping or talking, my patience when my kids are silly, bets with Uberman, pens.

I'm Confused.... When I am in the mall (I never know which direction I am facing), about the war, about the time difference when I am in a foreign country, about commodity trading, about why people love Beyonce.

I Miss.... Krispy Kreme, shopping in Chicago, Luis Gonzalez in left field, my Grandma Green, the weather in Munich, having a dog, the kids being really little, my parents living closer, good friends I don't see as much anymore.

I Should.... Go to church more often, organize my Tupperware cabinet, clean out my refrigerator, update my calendar, worry less about what people think, make cookies, drink more water and less diet coke, catch up on reading my People Magazines.

I Need.... Hugs from my babies, kisses from Uberman, acceptance, diet coke in the morning, to stick with a budget, chocolate, to write more, to take some movies back, new bras and underwear, to color my hair, to file my nails, to stop blogging and finish my DLS.


Sandra D said...

How is it possible that I am the first to comment on the Queen's blog? Seems inconceivable...

I cracked up about being confused about why people like Beyonce, don't get it myself. And my husband misses Munich too.

Anonymous said...

i identify with SO many things on this list....but the one i feel the need to pull out is this:

"i'm confused why people love beyonce."

and this, is why i LURVE you.

xoxo, b

for a different kind of girl said...

What a great meme! I love this. In fact, I don't even have to do it because your answers pretty much are all mine! Seriously, I would give anything for the world's best salad!

Becky said...

Beyonce is bootylicious. Nuff said, right?

(I don't get it either.) on EARTH can you not know who you are voting for?

I guess it always comes down to one very key issue with I can say without a doubt that I will NEVER vote for Obama.

And all y'all Obama supporters, don't feel the need to write me hate mail or is MY vote.

The Maid

Brenda said...

How fun to learn more about you and the things we have in common! One of the most urgent is new undies! that made me laugh that you included that tidbit!
Well, I hope to resurface this week. Looking forward to catching up with all my blogging bff's!

Sue said...

I loved this post April!