Monday, May 12, 2008

Misfire of the Synapse

After coming down with the Blahs on Friday, it became apparent to me that my mind was not working to its usual 100% capacity. Uberman and I may or may not have had the following conversation via cell phone while I was on my way home from work:

Me: (Recounting story I had heard on the news earlier in the day) Isn't that disgusting? The guy was into narcolepsy.
He: What? How can you be into narcolepsy?
Me: I know! Some people are so sick!
He: No, I mean how can you be "into" it?
Me: What?
He: Narcolepsy. He liked sleeping?
Me: No, aren't you listening to me? He liked to have sex with dead people.
He: (laughing) Um, Babe, that's necrophilia. (more laughing)
Me: Oh, wait. What did I say?
He: You said Narcolepsy. Which is uncontrollable sleep. (still laughing)
Me: Oh my God, I'm stupid. Did I tell you I don't feel well?
He: (Laughing harder)


Becky said...

I'm bigtime into narcolepsy, I am just not that good at it. Need more practice.

Necrophilia, however, I don't even enjoy sex with live people. (Oh crap, don't let my hubby read, I really do like it. Really!)

mmmm, that foot tastes good, as you say. :)

The maid

Becky said...

Okay, wait. After reading my own comment here, I decided I need to clarify.

I do like "it" really I do.

I just need the perfect mood and atmosphere and equipment...candles, freshly showered bodies, etc. Okay? Make sense.

Darn it. I should have left that one alone again. :)

chandy said...

We took the kids to have portraits done last weekend and I think our photographer had narcolepsy. She kept falling asleep in the middle of our session and I had to keep nudging her to wake up. It was the weirdest thing. Or, she might have just been totally hungover, I'm not sure.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Narcosleepy combined with Necrophelia would be an interesting mix, no?

Imagine where you would be found sleeping.

Allie-gator said...

bogart has a good point!

Me...I'm a little freaked out that people like either one.

btw: By the sound of your profile, I would say you were my mom before I left for college. Funny but true!

brookem said...

oh that's totally something i'd mess up too. except id probably do it in front of a more-embarassing audience. its just how i roll.

Cory said...

So that explains it, maid Becky!!!