Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Google This

So apparently I blog about Sonic too much.

I got a cool new site meter, did you notice? Don't panic, I am not breaking up with Cluster Map. I still love him. It's just that he doesn't give me as much info as the new super cool site meter. The site meter tells me how people are getting to my blog, which is pretty wicked awesome.

And today it told me that three people, three separate individuals, found me by searching "sonic fries with that shake" on the Google. Um, that's a little embarrassing. And disturbing at the same time.

Maybe I need to break up with Sonic?


ginger said...

haha. i heart really good search engines :)

gmail is the best!

creative-type dad said...

Try doing a search on "massage for midgets"

I'm big in that world, and I don't even know any midgets.

Chris H said...

I get found all the time through Google... someone even found me by google'ing 'BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST"... ooooo errrrr!

Brian Smith said...

For me, it was just the keywords sonic, fries and shake. Getting more specific with sonic "fries with that shake" brought me to this entry. (My dad doesn't get that Sonic commercial with that line, and I'm having a devil of a time explaining it...turns out, *lots* of people don't get it.)

Hello, by the way!

Practically Joe said...

Why are you complaining? If I knew that frequenting Sonics would get me readers I'd travel the 800 miles to get me a shake ... and yes ... with fries.