Sunday, May 11, 2008

For the Moms

I am a really lucky person. I have two amazing moms.

There's the one who grew me inside her, and allowed me to come out. She's the one who rocked me to sleep by tracing the slope of my nose with her finger. A trait I used later when rocking my own babies. She's the one who raised me alone, often working two jobs to give me not only the things I needed, but some of the things I wanted. She's the one who gave me my love for reading by making me read every day, allowing me to buy as many books as I wanted with the Scholastic Book order at school, and began letting me read the books she loved after making sure they were appropriate. She is the one who encouraged me to look up words I didn't know and use them in sentences so I would never forget them. She is the one who told me I should write my thoughts and feelings, and she always respected my privacy. She is the one who allowed me my freedom as a teenager, but insisted I do not violate her trust. She is the one who saw Uberman as my future husband well before I saw him as more than a friend. She knows when I need honesty and when I just need an ear to listen. She has been there for me no matter what I needed. She has taught me to be strong, independent and persistent. She has laughed with me, cried with me and grown up with me. I am the person I am because of who she is. Above all, she is my friend.

Thank you Mom, for all that you do and all you have done. I love you.

My other mom is the one I got when I married her son. She is the one who showed me the importance of being a good wife. She is the one who taught me the importance of the little details. She is the one who taught me to inspect something thoroughly before I purchased it and to always choose an item from the back or the bottom of the stack. She is the one who showed me how to fold a napkin, make a bow and frost a cookie. She taught me the importance of quality over quantity, and to never settle for something you don't really want. She has taught me to be adventurous and the importance of seeing as much of the world as I can. She has taught me to be more careful with my words and more selective of the feelings I convey to others. She has taught me the importance of being proud of who I am and where I came from. She has listened to me complain and cry over the most insignificant things and she has always showed me how to look at the problem from a different point of view. She has held my babies when I was exhausted and needed rest. She has been there without question when I have called and said "I need your help." She has laughed with me and cried with me. I am so honored and so proud that she is my friend.

Thank you Elena, for your patience, your generosity and your acceptance. I love you more than words can say.

Yes, I am lucky. I have an amazing support system of friends and family to laugh with, learn from and lean on. For all my girls - the ones who so generously share their thoughts, opinions, stories, ideas, recipes, advice, tips, laughter and countless boxes of kleenex - I love you! Thank you for being an important part of my life! I hope you all had a wonderful and restful Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful.

Katie said...

I'm sinking in my seat...I've never written anything half as heartfelt to my own mom, let alone my MIL. It's a good thing my mom's birthday is in a couple of weeks. You've inspired me to scan my tin-man self for some heartfelt words to say. I'm so much like a man when it comes to being sentimental! "Now it's time to think, think, think..." (can you guess where that's from???)

Becky said...

Okay Katie...

Blues clues on the brain?

April...well done. What a daughter in law...I mean we all can say most of those things about our moms, but our MIL? You win.

I hope someday my sons marry girls who see the good in me. (Cuz I sometimes have a hard time finding it in myself! HA)

Anonymous said...

That was truly beautiful!