Sunday, April 13, 2008

The House Guest

Did I tell you we have company? And she is such a sweetheart. The perfect house guest, almost. She doesn't make us feel like we have to constantly entertain her. She has not once asked us to take her to Rawhide. Which, just in case you are ever planning to visit, I do not enjoy Rawhide. It's not a real ghost town. It's not real gold they let you pan for. And I am pretty sure, they are not real cowboys. It's hot. It's dusty. And it's dumb. So there you go. Uuummm, where was I? Oh yeah, house guest.

She has been so helpful around the house. If I am in the kitchen or folding laundry, she is right there with me. She goes outside with the kids and watches them while they play, and even joins in on whatever game they have come up with. She's been great.

So I say almost perfect because there are a few little oddities I thought I would share with you. First, the other day, I . . . um . . . this is a little embarrassing . . . caught her smelling my underwear. I know! Awkward! And then I found her eating something out of the trash. I mean it's not like we haven't been feeding her. Is it just me, or is that totally weird? But the worst of all . . . are you ready . . . she has been pooping in the back yard. Right out there in the open for all to see. And she's not even ashamed! And we accept it, because we love her. And well, she just doesn't know any better.

Just look at that face.....

So I'll tell you one cute story and then I'll let you go enjoy your Sunday. Last night Gracie (our house guest) was snuggling in my lap and reached up to give me a kiss. Which I kindly refused. So Boo says "Mommy, why won't you let Gracie give you kisses?"

And I replied with "She licks her butt. Do you want her putting her tongue in your mouth?"

To which her response was "She already did."

How harmful is it to mix a little bit of bleach with Cinderella toothpaste? Anyone know?

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Matt said...

"i already have"..thats hilarious.. i miss u guys! i will be home i think sometime in november for a confernce, so i hope to see yall then...