Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Food Confessions

So I fell off the wagon today.

Okay, I am lying. I have actually been kind of dangling over the edge since Easter, but today I full on took a flying leap right off the weight watchers radio flyer. I won't detail every item that was consumed today but I will tell you there was a cherry pop tart (okay 2), a snack size kit kat, some crackers with mozzarella cheese and a WW lemon snack cake. And since the last item belongs to the wagon, I don't think it counts. Right?

I also had the equivalent of 5 diet cokes. And the day isn't over. I think I need an intervention. Maybe even rehab. Or a box of milk duds. Oh how I love the duds.

And yes, I am feeling it. I am sugar high buzzing like I used to in my early twenties. Ahhh I was such a crazy kid back then.

Oh I'm gonna be hurtin' tomorrow. What cures a food hangover? Anyone know? Because I am thinking it's a quarter pounder with cheese. But no pickles because that would make it gross.

Please, someone, anyone . . . help me! Lead me through the serenity prayer. Or at the very least meet me somewhere for a pizza.


Becky said...

"Father, grant April the piece of pizza she craves, the courage to use the ranch to dip it in, and the wisdom to know that it just ain't the same without breadsticks and buffalo wings. Amen."

You name the place, and this Taco Belle will be there.

April said...

Becky! I FREAKING love you!! How dare you be funnier than me on my own blog! I should be really mad at you, if I weren't laughing so hard! Man! Now I have to pee.