Sunday, March 2, 2008


Remember when you were in Junior High in the early to mid 80's and the thing to have was a Sony Walkman? I guess I am assuming that anyone reading this knows me and is somewhere around the same age as I am and therefore would remember walking to school, thinking you were too cool jamming to Michael Jackson's Beat It. I never had the actual Walkman. They were too expensive. I had some off brand like the Walkalong or something. But if you stuffed it in the pocket of your jacket nobody knew it wasn't a real Walkman anyway. (Side note: Could you even imagine back then that someday they would make jackets or backpacks or even clothes with pockets specifically for the tiny little device that would play your music of choice? I know! Crazy!)

In High School the thing to have was a perm and a Liz Claiborne purse (okay, so I am also assuming you are a girl). After High School "It" was a pager, and then "It" slowly evolved into a cell phone, a job with benefits, a house, a spouse, and an SUV big enough for three kids, a stroller, two camp chairs, a few of your kids' friends and a little hole in the dashboard where you can plug in your . . . . ipod (or any off brand MP3 player)!! See? It's like we've come full circle!

But lately, it seems there is a new trend among friends. "It," the latest, the thing to have, has become (drumroll please) . . . a blog! (cue chimey magic wand music that ends with a musical ta-daaaah!)

So of course, in our constant quests to keep up with the Joneses (or in my case, the Rooses and the Wilhelmsens), we are now blogging our little hearts out.

I am so on board with this trend. For years, I have been spouting off about my thoughts and opinions, and sometimes witty little anecdotes, to any poor unsuspecting soul who would listen. I am sure many of those people are so sick of me. Heck, I am often sick of me. So this blog is here to provide me with a forum for sharing my thoughts, ideas, opinions and hopefully entertaining stories with anyone who chooses to read them. Please keep in mind, they are MY thoughts, MY opinions, MY ideas, MY stories. They may not be yours, they may not be right, they may not always be popular. The only thing I am claiming them to be is MINE. Like the tag line says, it is my blog and I'll be Queen if I want to!

Be patient while I find my voice, and get used to this whole world. I was hoping my first post would be one of those rock your world kind of moments. Just so you know, I tend to have really high expectations. I want this to be a BLOG!!! and not a blahg. I welcome any suggestions from you seasoned bloggers on finding inspiration, setting aside the fear and just putting it out there. So bring it on, lets get to know one another, lets get this party started. Let the adventure begin.


RooseFam said...

I am SO excited you're blogging. You make me laugh constantly and I am ready to read what goes on in your head on a more regular basis. Your blog couldn't be a blaug if you tried, girlfriend. WELCOME to this fun outlet of a website!!!


Jessie said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! And, I have a new Walkman. It's an MP3 player with an FM tuner. How cool is that? It's not really an ipod, but it's kind of close.

I'm more familiar with knock-off, runner-up brands. Like Sony to Apple.

Anyways, congrats on the blog. I can't wait!

ERIN said...

Can I just tell you how EXCITED I am that you're doing a blog???!!! This is sooo YOUR THING!!! (You DO need a picture of your super cute new hair cut on the blog, though!!!) I can already tell I'm not going to be able to get enough... GIVE ME MORE APRIL REIGN!!! No pressure... :) LOVE YOU!!!

aschmoel said...

I do believe after all of these years, you have found your calling my friend! And while Ian, the man you have grown to love, the one I still call my husband, says "get a life" (he is only kidding of course), I am so excited about this! You have been my constant source of sanity, or insanity for the last 15 years, and it amazes me that I still have to wait to read your BLOG comments to find out things I never knew about you! Hey! On a side note, Ian has an idea for Cade's party. How about the pool @ the Chase Field, during the season opener of course! This is the last time I will read your BLOG with him in the house! I LOVE IT, I LOVE YOU! Congrats on what I believe is something everyone will be coming out to read. You are hysterical!