Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Is Not Reigning That

Guess what? It has been brought to my attention that if you mistakenly enter into your web browser, instead of, you are directed to a search engine for porn. Yes! Porn!

So I did it, I went to that sight, and it is basically harmless. Just a list of various types of porn available to you. Here are some interesting examples: Amateur, Anime, Bondage, Cheerleaders, Fat and BBW (which I figured out means Big Beautiful Women), Granny, Housewife, Midgets, and my favorite of all, Shemale.

This is a sick, sick world. I love how it is an equal opportunity site, allowing plus size girls, older women and transsexuals (I am assuming that's what Shemale means, right?). But isn't it politically incorrect, not to mention insensitive, to call them Midgets? They are Little People! Jeez.

So what do I do? Do I change my blog name? Oh the nightmare! Do you know what that will do to my cluster map?? All my stats, gone! Wiped out. And I just went international, too (I think thanks to Katie's friend Dutchmac in Holland). I seriously don't know what to do.

And Oh. My. God. How many people have I told about my blog and they possibly went to this site by mistake?? Now they think I have a new career in internet porn. They might think I am some kind of sick pervert!! The sad thing is, I have actually joked about making money in internet porn for years. There could be people I know sitting at a computer right now thinking "Wow. She was not kidding. She's really gone over the top this time." Oh the horror! The embarrassment! The hilarity of it all! This is so not funny. Yet I can't stop laughing!

This is so typical of my luck. Like the time I let that lady go in front of me at Safeway because she had only 4 items and then she was the 100th customer of the day and won a DVD player. Hag.

I need advice, people. I need input from my readers. All five of you. Gather round and tell me what to do.


aschmoel said...

Oh my......=) As one of your closest friends, I'm sure you were thinking, as you typed this, that I would be the one to check this out. But I have to admit something to you, the first time I went to your blog, I was directed to the very site you mention! The good thing is, I just clicked the X on my browser...the bad thing...I WAS @ WORK! sorry I forgot to tell you this!!!

I don't think you should change your blog name. It fits. Perhaps you could contact the owner of and ask them to add a link that takes surprised users to your blog????

Katie said...

It's so fitting! Nah, don't change now people probably have your blog on their favorites anyway. I can't believe that lady didn't give you the DVD player at Safeway! Whatev!

Becky said...

No fair...I'm the one who told you about this, and you get the blog topic. LOL

Here's your new blog name:


I am happy to know that should I ever desire a career in porn, that there is already a category for me...I won't say which one. (Wink)

Becky (Okay, it is NOT shemale)