Monday, March 31, 2008

Flashback (All the Way Back to 2001)

While going through a box of old files last week, my she-boss (I work for a married couple, I refer to them as she and he) came across a surprising little treasure: A People magazine dated May 7, 2001. The cover story: George Clooney turns 40. Of course, being the celebrity gossip whores we are, we shrieked and giggled our way through it page by page.

It was only seven years ago (only??), yet it was so interesting to see what has changed. Obviously not much with George, although he does have a significant increase in gray hair. But do we really care? No, he's still adorable. But it was before 9/11, so the entire magazine is without any mention of troops, terrorists or politics. The whole issue was a little less ominous.

The Star Tracks section featured snap shots of Brad and Jen walking arm in arm, not-yet-publicly-despised (or out of the closet) Rosie O'Donnell hosting the Kids' Choice Awards, and Jennifer Lopez with boyfriend Cris Judd smiling and looking all cutesy together.

News stories included Britney and Justin shopping together in New York, Robert Downey, Jr. going to rehab . . . again, and Kobe Bryant marries 18 year old Vanessa Somebody in a "fairytale wedding." The caption under the picture quoted a source close to Kobe saying "They're young but they don't take marriage lightly." Uh-huh.

Harrison Ford and his wife were back together after a trial separation, everyone was still reeling from the break up of Tom and Nicole, and Sylvester Stallone was swearing he would never do another Rambo movie.

So all of this leaves me thinking. Wouldn't it suck to be a celebrity? Every move you make is documented and photographed just waiting for some obnoxious blogger to dig it all up and throw out a few self righteous uh-huh's. It's only been seven years, but look at how much has changed for most of these people. Some have gone from the bottom to the top, some from top to bottom. Some have gone crazy, and some have too made another Rambo movie.

How much has my life changed in seven years? Well, let's see. I have another child. And she's pretty cool so I think we'll keep her. I am paying $3.20 for one flipping gallon of gas. I live in a different house. My husband has a different job. I have a job (in order to pay for gas). I am the proud Auntie to three adorable nephews. I have lost some people I really loved. But for the most part, I am still the same person. With a significant increase in gray hair.

Where will I be in seven years? I will have two boys in high school, one of them driving. Oh Lord, put me out of my misery now! I will have a preteen daughter. Oh the agony! Hopefully I will have seen more of the world. And most likely will have a standing six week color appointment with a hair stylist. And, fingers crossed, I will not have any reason for someone to dig this documented moment up and throw out a few self righteous uh-huhs.

Where do you see yourself in seven years?

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Becky said...

Would you quit blogging so much, I can't keep up. :)

Just kidding, love reading into the depths of your brain.

Oh, and where will I be in 7 years...try 7 months? I will be dealing with a driving teen THIS year! UGH! Oh, and still having a child in diapers at the same time. Wow, as Miley Cyrus says...that would be the best of both worlds. NOT.

I look forward to 7 years from will mean I am not dead. :)